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The QB Docs Podcast

Mar 9, 2020

Today on The QB Docs Podcast, Dusty sits down with newly promoted Offensive Coordinator for Ball State University, Kevin Lynch! Kevin comes from a family of athletes and an extended history of FOOTBALL! 

Tune in to hear Kevin's journey through the football world and how it has shaped him into one of the sharpest up and coming coordinators in the game! 

Topics Covered Include: 

  • Kevin's journey in the coaching world and his unique first coaching opportunity. 
  • Recruiting at the different levels and how each of them have their specific challenges. 
  • What the Ball State Players are doing now up until the start of the season. 
  • The various challenges of becoming a coordinator and " owning the meeting room" - for the players and also for the coaches. 
  • What the months of January and February are actually like now with early signing period.
  • Coaching in the Lynch Family.
  • Playing days and how it was being recruited by family
  • Most influencial adverse situation as a player... and thus far as a coach. 

Tune in today! You do not want to miss this episode! Also, if your players or your athlete's are needing screens, reach out to the Docs! We are ready to get you to that next level in your individual development as a quarterback!