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The QB Docs Podcast

Mar 30, 2020

Today on The QB Docs Podcast, Dusty sits down with Former Franklin College Head Football Coach, Mike Leonard! Coach Leonard has been all over the WORLD coaching football and today he sits down with the Docs to talk some quarterback! He has spent the last 17 years as Franklin's Head Football Coach and has led them to 11 Conference Championships! Tune in today! 

Topics discussed today include: 

  • Mike's background in coaching
  • Passion for the game 
  • Uniqueness of the QB Position ( responsibilities, criticism, " Body Language" ) 
  • Recruiting the quarterback position for his teams
  • Physical tools young quarterbacks must work on
  • 4 Values in his program
  • " You have to love it "
  • Mike's passion for people and life lessons over football performance only
  • Low and High points of Mike's career
  • Influencial People in Mike's life

If you would like to reach out to mike, you can reach him by email at

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