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The QB Docs Podcast

Apr 6, 2020

Today the docs bring on Head Football Coach, Mike Neu! Coach Neu has spent several years at Ball State University, as he was a 4 year starter at QB before returning to be the head football coach! Tune in today as topics discussed include:

  • Background in Football
  • 2 Time Mac Champion as a player/ MAC MVP
  • Feeling of being the head coach at his alma mater
  • Most important physical skill a college and professional quarterback must be great at
  • Attention to Detail!
  • Buying into what you are doing when nobody is watching!
  • Confidence... Nothing like it!
  • Game Mode, CONSTANTLY!
  • sacrifice and routine to be great at anything
  • You can't focus on what others are doing, be the best "YOU"
  • 3 Influencial people in Coach Neu's life

If you would like to follow Ball State Football, you can follow @BallStateFB or you can follow Coach Nue @BSUCoachNeu