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The QB Docs Podcast

Apr 20, 2020

Today the docs were lucky enough to sit down with former Indiana University All-American Linebacker, Will Patterson. Will is currently the head football coach for Lawrence Central High School and today he comes on to talk some football! 

Tune in today! Topics include:

  • Will's philosophy as a coach and his ability to lead by example.
  • Instilling passion and hard work over star ratings and rankings.
  • Creating by in with his teammates/ other coaches! 
  • Adversity in Will's life and his ability to overcome and follow the plan.
  • Momma Patterson - how his mom and dad have impacted Will's household and how he coaches his players. 
  • Quarterback qualities that intimidated Will on the football field that he looks for in his quarterbacks now. 

Thank you guys again for tuning in and do not forget that if you like the podcast, please leave us your reviews and feedback! Also, do not forget that the docs are still working with quarterbacks! Reach out to to see how you can get started! 

You can also follow Will on Twitter @Coach_Patt34. You can also see what the football program is doing by following @LCHSAthletics