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The QB Docs Podcast

May 11, 2020

Today we were lucky enough to sit down with former Kentucky and Boston College quarterback great, Patrick Towles. Pat was a standout high school quarterback out of the state of Kentucky where he was a 4 star prospect and Mr. Football award winner. Pat went on to have a very successful career at Kentucky and currently is 6th on their career passing yards and 8th in career touchdown passes ( without his senior year). 

Pat went through some ups and downs like many quarterbacks and today he comes on to share his experiences and how those experiences are helping him with his work NOW! You do not want to miss this episode. Topics today include: 

  • How Pat began his journey toward becoming an elite quarterback. 
  • The early struggles of playing quarterback in high school. 
  • The opportunity to play at the University of Kentucky and why that was so important to him.
  • The Good and Bad Experiences at Kentucky.
  • Transferring from Kentucky and how this decision has impacted him.
  • Earning the respect of his new teammates.
  • How the new quarterback room took to Pat and how he handled trying to step into that environment.
  • What Pat is doing now.
  • People listen to teachers who are also witnesses. 
  • Pat's journey toward becoming a Catholic Missionary. 
  • How to avoid letting football become your "identity"? 
  • 3 influential people in Pat's life. 

We hope you guys enjoy listening to this podcast as much as we enjoyed the conversation! Make sure you remember to leave us your reviews and feedback about the show! 

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