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The QB Docs Podcast

Jun 15, 2020

Today the Docs were blessed to sit down with a panel of coaches and have a wonderful conversation about the racial issues facing coaches and athletes this fall. Coaches involved in the discussion include: 

- Greg Holcomb, Owner and QB Coach at Next Level Athletix

- Madei Williams, Owner and QB Coach at Mad-QB Athletics

- Eric Smith, Director and QB Coach at Winning Edge Quarterback Academy

- James Washington, Owner and QB Coach at QB Mechanics

- Jordan Bunch, Minister and Strength and Conditioning Director at BLOC Ministries

These guys are professionals who the docs respect from all across the country! These guys come on from various backgrounds and experiences surrounding social issues and they have an open and honest discussion about the issues facing athletes this fall. Topics discussed include: 

  • How coaches and players should approach talking to each other about social issues and why this is so important
  • The importance of reaching out of your comfort zone to progress as a teammate/ coach and  HUMAN BEING. 
  • The backgrounds in which our coaches grew up and the influence it has had on their opinions and behaviors when teaching and interacting within their communities. 
  • The current situation facing our country and how coaches can help navigate young athletes during the upcoming months and for the rest of their coaching careers.
  • The idea behind kneeling during the national anthem... our guest coaches weigh in on their opinions for how these decisions impact the moral of the football team.

These coaches were brave enough to all sit down with us and have an honest, open discussion! We hope you enjoy this episode! 

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