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The QB Docs Podcast

Jul 13, 2020

The docs were lucky enough to sit down with strength and conditioning expert, Mike Tucker on today's episode! Mike is an up and coming star in the S&C world who enters his 3rd season as the head football strength coach at Villanova University. 

Mike has begun his career at several powerhouse schools as an intern and assistant including the likes of North Dakota State and Clemson. Tune in and hear his journey and the importance of strength and conditioning for the quarterback position! Topics today include:

  • Coaching various sports equals opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Making sure the evaluation process of your players is RIGHT. 
  • Quarterbacks in the weight room.. what has to be done first. 
  • Freshman who come on campus and the initial introduction to Mike's strength and conditioning programs.
  • Quarantine and how it has separated Mike and topics he has taken a deeper dive into! 
  • Low hanging fruit in the weight room: 
    • Throwing the ball farther
    • Pain in the shoulder
    • Improving lower body mechanics 
  • 3 influencial people in Mike's life and why?

Mike is a phenomenal guest and someone who we will enjoy to collaborate with and have back on the show again! If you would like to follow Mike on social media you can @tuckermike43. 

Thank you guys for tuning into the podcast! Do not forget to the docs are still evaluating quarterbacks for guys who are looking for an edge this fall! Reach out to for more information.