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The QB Docs Podcast

Apr 9, 2022

Kurt comes on the show to discuss our favorite topic... Quarterbacks! 

Kurt has been in the Strength and Conditioning world for over 20 years and worked with several elite college and professional quarterbacks. Topics today include: 

- NIL? How does it impact the Strength Staff?

- The secret recruiting piece that is always overlooked... The Strength Staff!

- New position at Tulane, how do you get buy in from your athletes?

- Expectations of the quarterback in the weight room. 

- This off-season at Tulane.

- Relationship with the head coach ( Coach Fritz)

- Cognitive development, KPI's, and Vertical Test? ( Tune in for this one!) 

We could not have been more excited to sit down with Coach Hester! 

Also, quarterbacks, parents, and coaches!! Come to Nashville on May 7th and join the Quarterback Convention! The link is below, make sure you sign up today! 

Quarterback Coaching Convention!

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