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The QB Docs Podcast

Feb 11, 2019

Today The QB Docs had the privilege of sitting down with the best strength and conditioning mind in the game right now, Brett Bartholomew! Brett is a strength and conditioning coach, author, consultant, and founder of The Bridge Human Performance Company! Brett has coached multiple athletes from high school to Olympic medalists! Tune in and hear today's episode with Brett as topics discussed include: 

  • Brett’s background and how he got himself "out of trouble" and turned toward strength and conditioning. 
  • Why Brett wrote conscious coaching?
    • How to train the body the right way
    • Addressing the psychological component. “ What makes people tick?”
  • How focusing on the outcome or goal simplifies the over technical jargon.
  • Brett's idea on the best ways to relay messages to his athletes and how he is always trying to develop ways to connect with his men or women.
  • What it looks like to train quarterbacks.
    • personality traits quarterbacks have.
  • Dogs will always bark at things they don't understand. 
  • Quarterback lifting routine according to Brett. 
  • 3 Rules to live by when training athletes for Sport Performance 


You can follow Brett at the links below: 

Art of Coaching