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The QB Docs Podcast

May 4, 2020

Today we were lucky enough to sit down with the 5 quarterbacks on roster at Columbia University. These guys were a lot of fun to have on and brought a lot of valuable information for parents and players who are striving to become college quarterbacks! 

Topics today include: 

  • How the guys are handling COVID-19 and the obstacles they are facing during this quarantine period. 
  • The schedule they face right now/ what a normal Spring looks like for the Columbia Football program. 
  • What obstacles each of these guys faced and overcame their freshman year while learning to become a student athlete.
  • " Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable"
  • The dynamic of the quarterback room.
  • 1 guy can play, how this plays out between the entire quarterback room. 
  • Accepting injuries and the experiences they faced outside of the simple physical aspect. 
  • The idea of leadership and how they are handling it with multiple guys playing over the last 2 years. 
  • Each players idea of leadership and what separates good leaders from great leaders. ( The docs shake up their answers :) ) 
  • What "Sacrifice" means to each of these young men and the things they have had to sacrifice to get where they are! ( Great stuff here!) 
  • The guys answer tough questions in the quarterback room and they are not allowed to vote for themselves... tune in! 

This was an awesome episode to record and we had a lot of fun putting it together! You guys need to tune into this one! 

If you want to follow the Columbia Football Program you can Columbia University Football Instagram

Coaches, parents, and quarterbacks... do not forget the summer is nearing and the work is still to be had! Reach out to the docs at for more information on training sessions and programs!