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The QB Docs Podcast

Apr 22, 2019

Today The QB Docs had the privilege of sitting down with PRI guru, Mike Cantrell. Mike is a physical therapist out of the Georgia area who has worked with several professional and college athletes as a physical therapist and consultant! PRI stands for Postural Restoration Institute and has been rewiring people's thoughts about how the body works for years! Today the Docs get a chance to dive into Mike's head and correlate a lot of PRI with the rotation and throwing mechanics of the quarterback position. Topics today include:

  • Elevator Introduction to PRI and the components it has allowed Mike to unfold in his own practice/ consulting. 
  • What we actually mean when we say we are "asymetrical creatures"! 
  • Mike talks about the throwing mechanics for a right handed quarterback and "why" these things are occurring.
  • The unspoken gold mind in relation to the diaphragm and how it can help performance! 
  • "Gator syndrome" ? 
  • The reason for gator syndrome and how this phenomenon occurs and how to turn it off!
  • The visual field and how our population is hurting ourselves with technology! 

Tune in for today's podcast episode as Mike brings on a very creative/ informative energy! Also, if you would like to follow Mike you can do so @Instagram, @twitter. If you would like to reach out to The QB Docs you can email them @ or


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